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Friday, March 27, 2015

A Kindergarten Smorgasboard Plastic Eggs Math And Literacy Centers!

People, it's plastic egg week here at The Kindergarten Smorgasboard World Headquarters!    Seriously...It's been all about the plastic eggs!!

There are so many uses for these amazing teaching devices.   And they're SO cheap.     Seriously...will be using eggs all year!

Today I have two more centers (workstations/hippopotamuses) using our plastic eggs! 

More fun, engaging, hands on activities with eggs and meeting Common Core Standards!


First up, sight words!

I labeled each half of an egg with the same sight word.  The 'staches will have to find the two 
matching parts.  They will use the recording sheets to record their words.  To differentiate the center, they can either color the word or write the word.  

(I am actually using this in my sensory bin.  I filled it with Easter basket grass and will put the egg pieces in the bin.  They will find the pieces and match them and record their answers!)

(Click the pictures to download your freebies!)

Next up...those tricky, pesky teen numbers!

There is something about those teen numbers that are just so hard for kiddos.  Maybe it's just "teen" anything...we all remember how hard our "teens."  

On one half of the egg write a 1.  On the other half write 0-9.  This will make eggs for 10-20.  

Students can make a teen number using any colors they want!  That's part of the fun!  The colors don't have to match!  Who wants to match anyway??  Matching is boring.  Have you seen my outfits?!  I'm all about the colors!

Students can use the recording sheet to color the ten frame to match the number or color the number!  (See....differentiation....)

(Click the picture to download your freebie!)

Make sure you check back here at 8:00 am central time on Sunday, March 29 for a HUGE announcement!

Monday, March 23, 2015

A Kindergarten Smorgasboard Test Tube Sight Words

Happy Day 1 of Spring Break to me!!!  Of course, the two doodles don't understand spring break so I was up at 7 a.m.  Thanks dogs!   But at least I can be productive!!!'s the last two months of the school year...we're all looking for ways to keep our kiddos engaged and somewhat manageable.  You between peeling them off the I'm always on the lookout for new ideas and activities to make learning fun.  I happened to come across this really awesome sight word wand idea at Heidi Songs!  (She's brilliant by the make sure you're following her!)  Well, you know me....I'm always up for making something and doing new things.  I mean, what's the word that can happen?!   It could be an epic fail...and that's ok.  We learn from it.  We fix it and we move forward.   (A tantrum is ok too....if necessary...)

So...I'm a big Common Core standards supporter (standards....not testing...don't get me started...) So I am on a mission to show ways to make Common Core fun and developmentally appropriate.  #commoncoreisfun  #artiscommoncore    Seriously ya'll...don't the CC take your fun.   If you need help, just holla!  

Anyways...back to my project...

Are ya ready for some TEST TUBE SIGHT WORDS?!?!?!?!?!?!    I know....right?!?!   

These are going to be an epic hit in my classroom!   

This project took me about 30 minutes to complete and cost me about $15.

You will need:

Test Tubes-click the link to get the tubes I used from Amazon.  The size matters.  You don't want your letter beads getting out of order. 

Letter Beads-click the link to use the beads I used.  I went with colorful beads because I love colors.  The brighter the better.  (Tip:  Order 2 packages so you have enough letters.....just sayin.  Learn from me!)

Waterproof Glue-You know...because no 5 year old in my class would EVER open the lid and pour the water out.  Never.  Ever.  

Glitter-everything is better with glitter.


The first thing I did was determine which sight words to use.  Guess what I did?!?!  I used ....wait for it...DATA!  I went to my ESGI assessment and pulled our sight word data and used the words we missed the most.  BAM!  See...a fun, engaging activity using data.  #commoncoreisfun

Then you can start assembling your test tube sight words.

First, you want to spell out your word.   This makes putting it in the tube easier.

I put each word in the tube the same way.  The word reads from the top down.  So when you put the beads into the tube, put them in backwards.  Each tube is the same so they all read top down.

Next, add water.  Be sure to leave some space at the top for the lid.  And the air allows the glitter and beads to float more freely.

Then use the waterproof glue to seal the lid in the tube.  I used a paintbrush to keep it clean and neat.  I brushed a little glue around the top rim of the tube and then inserted the lid.  

I used three different colors of glitter so really I could differentiate the activity based on glitter colors.  Also, this is a challenging activity so I wouldn't use it with students who haven't mastered sight words.  I would use it as a challenge for students who need a little more rigor with sight words.

And of course, there is a recording sheet!   

Click the picture to get your freebie!

Sunday, March 8, 2015

A Kindergarten Smorgasboard Schedulin Sunday!

Happy Schedulin Sunday!!!  

This week's Schedulin Sunday post is going to be a bit different...because we just got back from a trip to Chicago!   We had a booth at the Illinois ASCD Pre-K/Kindergarten conference and then spent the weekend in the city!

People, we had a blast meeting so many incredible teachers!  The conversations and exchange of ideas was mind blowing!  TEACHERS ROCK!

Thanks to everyone who stopped to say howdy!

And now for the goods...

No lesson plans this week...I have a plan but I didn't write it down!

This week and next week is all about WEATHER!!!!

We're using my newest research creation to study all types of weather.  We're going to research weather, write about weather and even do weather art projects and science experiments. 

And you know....wait for it...there's going to be a hat!

Here are some of the books we're using to study weather this week:

Here's the general plan for our weather unit:

Day 1-what is weather?  Word web.

Students brainstorm everything they can about weather and we record our thoughts.  We revisit this throughout our unit!

Here is your FREE silly hat.  ACTUALLY...hold on to your have TWO FREE silly hats to choose from.  My TBFF at The Hartmann Sparkle whipped up a fun weather hat and said I could offer it up as a freebie!  So here ya go!  Just click the pictures to get your hats!

Day 2-Sun
Day 4-Rain
Day 5-thunderstorms
Day 6-tornadoes
Day 7-8-clouds and cloud types
Day 9-Water Cycle
Day 10-meteorologist

Each day we read a book about the weather type and we do a tree map for the type of weather.  Then we do an art project or science experiment for the type of weather.  Our learning is recorded in our journals.

Here are some of our weather activities:  

Be the wind!  How car can we blog a feather!

Cloud people help us learn the four basic types of clouds!

The water cycle!  We learn that clouds get full of water and then it rains!

All of these activities plus many more are included in my weather research journal creation!

We're also working on CVC-E words all week!  We will be doing circle maps, and lots of writing activities for CVC-E words!

In math, more subtraction and addition practice!

And of course, we're throwing some St. Patrick's Day fun into the mix!

It's gonna be a super fun week!  Tons of hands on science and art projects all tied to COMMON CORE STANDARDS!!!   I love when we do research journals because we get to do so much fun stuff while meeting the standards!  BAM!  See, common core can be fun!!!  

Here's a free emergent reader for you too!  (These are both found on the FREEBIES PAGE!)

Here's a fun weather related subtraction freebie for ya!

Here are some of the creations we're using this week:

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