Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A Kindergarten Smorgasboard What's Happening Wednesday

Here's what happening on this Wednesday.

Working on my new classroom decorations!  Mustache a rainbow pattern?  Yes please!

500 ink pens for all of my friends coming to Las Vegas for I Teach K.  Yes, please!

Pool day with my TBFF (Teacher Best Friend Forever)?  Yes, please.

Oh and you know....just an email from CNN requesting an interview.  

I also updated my mustache themed behavior calendars for 2014-2015!

Click the picture to check it out in my TPT store!

Feel free to link up your Wednesday posts!


  1. That is so neat that CNN has contacted you to interview! You must be on cloud nine.


  2. Way to go, CNN, you know a good thing when you see it!


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