Thursday, February 7, 2013

A Kindergarten Smorgasboard of Tooth Painting!

Yes, tooth painting.  And no we did not paint our teeth.  Seriously, it is a small miracle that no one painted their teeth!  But I digress.

Are your students a little off the deep end lately?!?!  Mine will NOT. STOP. TALKING.  EVER.  I am over it.  OVER IT.  I told them today I was going to send Miss Viola Swamp in to be their teacher.  They didn't like that.  Now, what do you think about me showing up to work in a black dress, black wig and black heels?!  It's just a thought...

Now, that I have made you think my monsters are truly monsters, I must show you something I am so proud of!!!

This is our morning message.  Each day a student gets a turn to write the missing words.  We rotate through our class list so everyone gets turns!  People, this might look like nothing but it's HUGE!  My friend with an IEP did this!!!!!!!!!  I was so proud of that monster!!  Monster sure has come far!  (Now if only he will stop losing his coat...)

And now onto the goods!

This week we have been learning all about teeth!  It's been fun!   But if I hear one more time that the dentist's job is to put gold teeth in I'm a lose it.  Gold teeth = bad.  But I digress again!  OH and speaking of getting on my nerves...I have a monster of who says FO instead of four.  FO FO FO FO FO FO FO FOTY FO.  ALL DAY.  FO.  AHHHHHHHHHHHH  Dude, its FOUR!  FOUR!  FOUR!  Sorry...tangent...back to the teeth.  And not the gold kind.

We have had a great "show me your teeth" week!  Today we did something super fun and different!   We painted...with toothbrushes!!!!  True story.

Here are your supplies!  I printed two sets of teeth (just like we have...)!  One on white construction paper and one on pink!

The first set of teeth ( on white paper) was for the monsters to have fun and be creative!  And did they love it!  Who would have guessed that painting could have been anymore cool?!  It can.  Just add a toothbrush!

The second set was printed on pink paper.  We painted those white.  I am thinking of making a giant smile in the hallway with those...hmmm...

Our finished products!  

LOOK!  No cavities!

And that my friends, is how we spend another kindergarten smorgasboard afternoon!!!!  Such a fun and different way to do art!

So, we are doing fairy tales for Read Across America Week and our hallway is the three little pigs.  My door is the big bad wolf.  How should I decorate?!  And discuss.


  1. I totally understand the talking....I have the most talkers this year...wears me o u t! Cute activities for painting. Good luck with the Big Bad Wolf door...that's kinda tough!
    Mrs. Thigpen's Kindergarten

  2. We painted with toothbrushes today too!

    Me & Marie Learning

  3. Haha...I really love your stories, fo sho, lol!!! My kids won't stop talking either, I'm about to go bonkers!!

    The Daily Alphabet

  4. Love your posts! Mine are talkers too and it drives me crazy! As far as your door, maybe you should use the teeth to decorate. "My what big teeth you have!" Lol

    The Cornerstone Classroom

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  6. Love the humor in your posts! We share A LOT in common as male K teachers.

    Here's a thought about the door decoration: Cover the bottom of your door with black bulletin board paper. Have your little monsters help by sponge painting on red bricks to the paper. Add some smoke and a Big Bad Wolf on top about to jump down the chimney. Your little monsters could help again by using torn paper to cover the wolf's entire body to make him look furry. Add a catchy title and . . . you're done!

    Hope this helps!

  7. Ha, ha, ha! Those teeth are precious and would be prefect "fo" a hallway display! Couldn't resist.

    My kids have been driving me crazy too. The other day I realized my patience bucket was PRETTY deep and the day after I hit the bottom. Another teacher friend had to remind me that it is "Angry Adult" season and that she was sure I had a but more patience in my bucket. LOL


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