Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Satu...Sunday Kindergarten Post!

Happy Sunday!  We just got home from a quick trip to the great Hoosier state to visit the family for Christmas!  It's always so much fun to see the niece and nephew!  Those two are so full of energy and they get so excited to see the uncles!

While we were there we helped with their Elf On The Shelf!  This is a first for me.  I am not a fan of this elf wandering around the house messing with stuff.  Sneaky little elves make me nervous.  Just sayin...but we did get into the spirit with Strawberry.

Yep.  We did this.  We wrapped the toilet.  I am now a professional toilet wrapper!  The kids LOVED this when they woke up this morning!  The best part?  The nephew ripping the paper off so he could use the potty!!  If you're doing elf on the shelf, I highly recommend this little jewel tonight!

And now the Saturunday Kindergarten Post!  

This week was a super short week for us!  We had two and half days this week!  Monday we had our pancake party!  This is a yearly tradition in my class that all started 7 years ago when I was student teaching.  My room mom said she always did a pancake party and so the tradition stuck!  It's so much fun to watch the kids as they eat pancakes...they also watch a video of their first 86 days of Kindergarten....they open gifts!  And this year we added the fun of a photo booth!  Such a fun morning! 

Tuesday was our Polar Express Pajama party!  I love pajama day because we get to see just how tiny the monsters are!  Those tight pajamas really give you an idea that they are so so little.  

We also did this fun sight word project! Stay tuned, there will be a snowflake sight word project!  

This week we also did our mid-year name writing chart.  On the first day of school, everyone writes their name on chart paper and it is displayed in the hallway for the entire year.  Even the monsters who say they "can't" write their name have to at least try.  The last week before winter break, we do another name writing chart paper.  We do it side by side with the first day of school paper and compare.  The progress is astounding.  Even the kids are amazed!  We will do a final chart at the end of the year!

Here is a cute freebie for you!  These are some very simple name tags for desks or tables!  Merry Christmas from the Kindergarten Smorgasboard!

Check out my newest creation!  (After reviewing my students' data this week, I am busy creating several resources to meet their needs!)


  1. The Saturday Kindergarten Post! I love that. I may have to steal it. :)

    But I don't think I'll be wrapping toilets anytime soon so I am not stealing everything.

  2. I love the idea of comparing the kids writing their names. Definitely on my to do list when I start with Kindergarten in the new year!

  3. I thought I had commented on here before. Weird. Anyway that toilet is a RIOT and the fam picture adorable! Thanks for the freebie.


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