Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Magical Product Swap!

Tomorrow is my first day of school.  It's a half day and I have a riveting day planned....tears (mine), crying (kids), vomit (mine and kids) and lots of fun (mine and kids)!  I am currently at 17 kids.  In my school that means 34.  I am possibly getting an 18th child.  Hang on to your monsters, it's gonna be a wild ride at Monsters, Inc. with Mr. Greg's Little Monsters!

I am very excited to show you a GREAT product from my blogger friend, Michelle at Apples and ABC's!

Michelle has been blogging for 6 months and has had her TPT store for 3 months!  She has some great products in her store!  Some of my favorites are her sight word packs and her crafts!  How cute are these pig and cow crafts!?  Click on the pictures to check out her store!!

I was lucky enough to review her All About Apples Math and Literacy Unit!  I am so excited to use this unit during our fall apple study!!!  I know my kids are going to be so excited to see all of the activities in this unit!

The unit has activities for uppercase and lowercase letters, letter matching, ABC order, counting, number recognition, patterning and even a great emergent reader.  There is also an apple labeling activity and a sentence writing activity.  This unit has everything you need for a great apple study.

I was very lucky to get the daughter of a co-worker to help me review the product today.  Princess Parker makes a great blogger assistant.  The princess will be a first grader starting tomorrow.  She said the number counting game was fun and she was smiling the whole time she was counting.  I loved seeing her touch each apple seed as she counted.  Great one-to-one correspondence Princess Parker!  I have already copied the apple pattern sheet because patterns is something we teach during the first weeks of school so this resource came in very handy!  The apple letters will be fun to use during our Morning Meeting for letter naming fun!  Overall, this is an awesome resource!!!  Great job Michelle!

 Here is Princess Parker practicing her counting.  Look at that Princess working hard!!!

  Michelle also sent me her first sight word pack.  I have had a chance to look through it and I can tell it is going to be a powerful tool for teaching my students sight words.  The packs provide writing, tracing, coloring, reading and cut and paste with the sight words.  There are now 3 packs for your to use!  I can only imagine how much my students will enjoy the cutting and pasting and coloring of the words!  If you're looking for a great sight word tool, check out the sight word packs at Michelle's Store!

Be sure to check out Michelle and Apples and ABC's at her blog, on Twitter and Facebook and of course, Pin her on Pinterest!


  1. Great post! And good luck tomorrow :)

    ✏ Mrs. Stanford's Class ✏
    ❤ I hope you enjoyed the swap & will join for the next one!! Check out my post for the link to the form :)

  2. Great review.

    Have a fab day tomorrow! I don't get kids for another week and a half but infeel like its quickly approaching. :/ Can't wait to hear what your day was like.



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