Friday, July 20, 2012

Glue Sticks=My Arch Nemesis!

Good morning!  I am about to head into my Monsters Inc. classroom for another day of decorating, organizing and labeling!  Yesterday, I added a super fun touch to my room!  I gave my bathroom a name!  Now instead of "using it" my kids can visit "Monsters, Inc!"  Just something fun to give us a chuckle every now and then!

I had the opportunity to meet some wonderful blogger friends last night!  We had the best time!!!  Those ladies are the best!  Thanks including this dude in your group!!   Be sure to visit their incredible blogs!


One of things we talked about was how many of the 10 cent glue sticks we had each bought.  I am currently at 300.  I am going to win the battle of the glue sticks this year.  Thank you WalMart!

As we were discussing glue sticks we discussed which brand we preferred.  Of course, we preferred the Elmer's glue just because they are a better quality.  However, at the beginning of the year, I don't let my students use the Elmer's glue sticks.  We use the "other" kind to learn how to use the glue sticks.  Once we have a good grasp on using the glue sticks and not eating them, then we graduate to the Elmers.

Another glue stick tip that I have is to save your lids!  Does anyone else get tired of finding orange glue stick lids on the floor? In your book boxes?  In your listening center?  In your pockets?  In your dryer at home?  I am pretty sure those things multiply at night and stalk me to my house.  But despite all of those lids running rampant in my life, some sweet child always ends up with a glue stick and no lid.  I know, right?!?!  My solution is to save the lids!  We have a bucket in our classroom just for glue stick lids.  Anytime someone finishes a glue stick, they put the lid in the bucket.  We always have a supply of lids so no one ever has a lidless glue stick.  It's such a simple way to win a small battle against the glue stick nemesis!!
Freebie Fridays

And for my Friday Freebie I am sharing a set of very kid friendly "I Can" statements that I made as a gift for my Kindergarten teammates.  We are required to have our standards and objectives posted in our classroom everyday (as well as tell them to the kids 4-6 times during each lesson?!) so I made these to go with my kid friendly standards.  I hope you can use them in your classroom!  Click on the picture for your freebie!  And let me know what you think!  I love comments and snide remarks!!


  1. Greg,
    Thanks so much for linking up today at TBA! Your post had me laughing out loud! What a wonderful idea about the glue stick lids, thanks for such an amazing tip!!
    Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas!

  2. had me at glue sticks! Love your simple approach to the lids issue...even in fourth grade we experience most of this (except for the eating of the sticks...this is a covert experience now!)

    Glad I stopped by your "manly kindergarten blog!"


  3. I'm wanting to save BOTH parts of the glue sticks this year. I saw a super cool pin where they melted the broken crayons inside the old glue stick and then had a great big roll up crayon. I am full of envy for that pin, and cannot rest until I have made my own!

    But,I am also inspired by your organizational vision of saving the lids for lidless cherubs. So now I can be Florence Nightingale and a mad scientist at the same time. *sigh* teacher heaven.
    The Meek Moose

  4. Brilliant idea with the glue stick lids. It's one of those ideas where you kick yourself for not having thought of it earlier. Thank you!

  5. Thanks for the freebie! I want to display "I Can" statements next to my daily schedule so that our new (very strict) principal will see our standards posted every day!!

  6. It was so great to meet you last night! I got my first 100 glue sticks today! I may have to go back and get me even more! :)

  7. Hi Greg...I am a new follower. I love the opportunity to read about K from a man's point of view. I'll be working with K's this year for the first time and your post about glue sticks gives me just a glimpse of what my first days will be like - LOL.
    Adventures In Teaching

  8. OOHHHH the glue sticks!! Those darn things evaporate into thin air! Then, there's always the quiet kid working away. You don't notice him until everyone's finished. You look over to find that he has used an entire glue stick on one project. Every inch of the paper is covered, and he has used Hulk-force to press the glue stick against it leaving big chunks of glue stick all over. Good times!! I love that you gave your bathroom a name. Our bathrooms are in the hallway, but it takes quite a while to break my students' habits of saying "I gotta use it" when they have to use the restroom. I feel nervous that you've been working in your classroom already!.....I think I might have to go in this week as well!

    Miss J
    The Joy of Educating

  9. genius!! I save the lids for markers....I didn't think of the glue sticks...thanks!

  10. Thanks to this it gives me the ideas and the believe that I can surely spend these holidays with a fun way with these glue sticks and definitely the kids are going to love what I have in mind… Thanks for sharing! XOXO:D

  11. Thanks for the CC I Can statements! That was awesome that you took the time to do that and then let us have them for free! I also applaud you being a male kindergarten teacher. We need more of those!


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