Friday, January 30, 2015

A Kindergarten Smorgasboard 100th Day FIESTA!

Happy 100th Day of school!  We actually celebrated our 100th day on Wednesday so I wanted to share all of our fun.  People...100th day=EXHAUSTED.  But it was epic fun!

Our 100th day always starts out (of course it does!)  with a hat.

We count by 10s to make our hats.  

Each 'stache gets a strip of paper with 10 boxes.  We have different stations set up so they can place 10 items on each strip.  Then we count by 10 to 100.

We use small stickers (several different kinds) , foam letters, letter stamps,  number stamps, fingerprints, mustache stickers,  and foam shapes to make our hats.

Then we staple the strips to a sentence strip and we have our 100 day hats.

We did a family project where each 'stache had to bring in a 100 collection.  I'm a huge fan of the 100 pennies on the hat (but the glue...OMG...I might have gotten a little loopy from that glue!).  And of course not one, but two 'staches had a collection of 100 mustaches.  DUH!

We did a kindergarten fashion show where we lined the halls and everyone got to work the runway showing off their 100 collection!  EPIC FUN!  Fashion show=mega fun!  

We gave 100 high fives, did 100 jumping jacks and even gave 100 hugs!

We predicted how far 100 steps would take us.  We ended up at the stairs!

We did some 100 writing.  We wrote 100 words.  10 words.  10 categories.  We do this over the course of the day.  The 'staches were so excited to guess what category was next!

We wrote about 100 things we wanted and 100 things we did not want..

We do not want 100 underwear...or 100 teachers...or 100 babies...or 100 stinky socks.

But we do want 100 Mr. Gregs (ummmm imagine a world with 100 of me...ponder that for a moment...)...

My FAVORITE 100th day activity is 100 kisses.  I tell the 'staches that I'm going to give them 100 kisses.  I get the "eeew" and "gross" and the giggles.  Then I tell them it's chocolate kisses and they get super excited.

I use dot stickers to label 100 Hershey Kisses from 1-100.  I hide them around the classroom.  EAch student gets a 100 chart.  When they find a kiss, they color the number and place it on our life size 100 chart.  

People.....get ready...this year...for the very first time EVER....we found...wait for it...all 100 kisses.  TRUE STORY.  That has never happened before.  Now we won't have the mystery of the missing kisses...

And of course we had 100 snacks!

Thanks to my awesome teammates for the amazing banner and 100 reasons we love school display!

And don't worry...I go in on the fun.  Of course...

If you're interested in 100th day centers (HELLO GOLDEN GIRLS CLIPART!)  or my 100th Day Fiesta creation (everything you need for the 100th day!)  you can check them out below!

AND I'm having a SUPER SALE!  All of my creations are 20% all weekend!  TOUCHDOWN!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

A Kindergarten Smorgasboard Submissions For Smorgie LIVE!

Be sure to join us THURSDAY JANUARY 29 at 7:00 pm CENTRAL/8:00 pm EASTERN time for the second Submissions For Smorgie LIVE!

I will be answering your questions LIVE (the mister serves are moderator extradionaire!)  

We are also giving away a one year membership to ESGI ($200 value) and $25 to my TPT store!

Bring your favorite beverage.  Bring your notebook and favorite pen.   AND BRING YOUR QUESTIONS!!!!

To join, just head over to my YouTube channel shortly before 7 and you will see a live chat box.  That's where you submit questions.  I'll go live at 7 and start answering questions!


Who's joining us??

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A Kindergarten Smorgasboard Super Bowl Graphing FREEBIE!

Howdy ya'll.  Greetings from Texas!!  I am sitting in the Dallas airport at TGI Fridays eating loaded potato skins and blogging!

I am on my way home from two inspiring days Navasota Intermediate School where I had the privilege of working with the teachers and students.    Making connections is an amazing part of blogging and social media.  I've connected with so many inspiring teachers who have made me a much better person and teacher.  

My trip to Texas is a direct result of my blog and social media.  You see, what had happened was...I connected with the principal of Navasota on Twitter.  If you aren't following Todd Nesloney on twitter (@techninjatodd )and his blog, you must go do it now.  Todd and I chatted a few times about bringing me to Texas to work with his staff and students.  And BAM!  It happened.    Yeah...Todd is that awesome.  He even let me stay at his house and drive his animals crazy.  True story.

You know...that time when you get to meet someone who is a huge inspiration to you and someone you admire and consider a teaching's that moment.

I even got to meet some of the amazing and hilarious teachers who follow my blog and IG and Twitter.  They drove an hour and half just to hear me speak.  AND THEY BROUGHT ME FLOWERS!  TRUE STORY!  (And Big Red!)

I even got to hang out at the George Bush Presidential Library.  It was cool to visit my first presidential library....even if the first thing the greeter said to us was:  "the graves where President Bush and Mrs. Bush will be buried are out back..."   UMMMM  OK?!  

We even had a serious discussion with the president about important issues.  

For me, this experience makes me a better kindergarten teacher because I get to see what's happening in intermediate grades so I can work on things in my classroom to make the job of upper grades teacher easier!

So here's my biggest take away from my time at Navasota:    BE BRAVE!   Todd not only encourages his staff to be brave and take risks and try new things (UMMM  Who doesn't want a principal who wants you to think outside the box?!?!?!)  but the most important rule for the students??  BE BRAVE!   I am so implementing this in my classroom.  

So, here's my challenge:  BE BRAVE!  If you're not on Twitter do it now.  Sign up and become a connected teacher!  Imagine the possibilities!

And now a fun Super Bowl freebie for ya!

Have your students predict who will win the big football game this weekend!  It's fun, it's engaging, it's great data collection and analysis!  Common core is fun!

Click for your freebie!

You can also check out my Super Bowl math and literacy centers if you want some Super Bowl fun in your centers!

And make plans to join us for our next SUBMISSIONS FOR SMORGIE LIVE EVENT!

Thursday, January 29th  at 8:00 pm EASTERN/7:00 CENTRAL!  

I will be answering your questions LIVE and we're giving away a 1 year membership to ESGI and $20 to my TPT store!!

Just click the picture to join us on my YouTube channel!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

A Kindergarten Smorgasboard Schedulin Sunday: 100th Day

I am sitting in the airport en route to Brenham Texas for a day of working with teachers!!!  I am super excited!  I wanted to share some fun 100th day activities with you since we celebrate the 100th day of school on Wednesday!

We read Miss Bindergarten and compare and contrast out 100th day to the 100th day in the book!

I label 100 Hershey Kisses and hide them around the classroom.  We WALK around and find the kisses.  We say the number and color the number on our chart!   Here's my tip:  don't hide them too end up missing a few...and that means they hang out in your room for eternity.  GROSS!  

OF course we make a 100th day hat.  Each 'stache gets 10 strips.  On each strip they put 10 things.  We use stickers, stamps, finger prints, letters, numbers, googly eyes.  Anything small enough to fit 10 on the strips of paper.  Then I staple the 10 strips on.  100th day hat!  (I have created strips with 10 boxes to help make sure we get 10 items on each strip!  The hat is in my 100th Day Fiesta Creation!)

We also do a lot of 100th day writing.  We write 100 words.  To do this, we have 10 categories and in each category we write 100 words.  We work on this throughout the day.  I have chart labels in my 100th Day Fiesta creation.  We do books, sight words, names, colors, cars, candy, etc.  

We also write about the things we want 100 of and things we would not want to have 100 of.  HILARIOUS!

We also do a 100th day memory book (100th Day Fiesta Creation).  I print the pages for the activities and things we do on the 100th day.  Each 'stache writes in their book and illustrates the book.  This is the calming event at the end of the day to bring things back to our regular level of chaos!!  More literacy connections to the 100th day. can party all day and meet common core standards!!  


We also do 100 excercises!  TRUE STORY!  At random moments in the day, I stop everything and say 100 JUMPING JACKS!  We do 100.  I might say sit ups, high fives, claps, etc.  More hilarity and sweaty kids!  Hello stinky 100th day.

Yes, we dress up.  This year I am stepping up my 100th day outfit.  You will want to see this Wednesday!  GET READY!  (I just hope I don't scare any of the 'staches!)

 AND we have 100 snacks.  We get 10 of each snack!  

Counting by 10s and snacks??!  Common Core standards can be yummy!

Here is a fun math center freebie for your 100th day celebration!

Granny ten frame cards.  Hello glitter and GOLDEN GIRLS!

Just click the picture to get your freebie!

Here are some 100th day creations!  

100th Day Fiesta is all the things you need to have a 100th day fiesta!  Activities and decorations!

Granny Turns 100 is great granny themed centers perfect for the 100th day!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

A Kindergarten Smorgasboard of PENGUINS!

We recently wrapped up our Penguin Research project and we were declared PENGUIN EXPERTS!

We used my Penguin Picnic creation.  These research creations are great for conducing research in kindergarten and using that research to do writing.  And it's FUN!!!

The way we do our research is through our read alouds.  I read a loud a story and we discuss it and share new learning.  We add the new learning to our schema map.  We then add that writing to our research journals.  

We start off with our schema map (or a KWL).  We add to this and address misconceptions as the week goes on.

We also do a lot of fun art projects.  DUH!  You have to have art with your research!

Paper plate penguins!  These are made with 2 paper plates.  The head is the center of a plate.  The ring that is cut off is cut in half to make the wings.  We then use the extra pieces to make feet.  BAM!

We also made these adorable symmetrical penguins.  These were so easy.  Fold a large sheet of white construction paper in half long way.  Add black paint to one side.  Less is more.  I made a shape like a three.  Then added a little squirt of orange where the feet are.    

Close the paper and rub.  

When it dries, add eyes and a beak!  

We also made a penguin snack!!

You need:  crackers, cream cheese, olives and carrots.

Cover the cracker with cream cheese.  Slice olives for the head.  Cut the slices in half for the wings.  Cut a carrot triangle for the beak.

Of course, we have to have a hat.

And a costume.

And no penguin research can be complete without Jack Hartmann's Penguin Dance!

If you're interested in penguin research, you can check out my Penguin Research Project below.  This includes everything you need for class charts and research journals and has math and literacy centers!

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