Monday, September 26, 2016

SmorgieVision: Morning Meeting Number Greeting

This morning meeting greeting is a fun and easy way to review numbers!   Simply write numbers to 20 on address labels.  Stick the labels on the kids shirt.  When they greet one another they greet by number instead of names!   It's easy, it's fun and we're learning!  

In this video you'll also see a real life morning  meeting with some hiccups and bumps along the way!

(Sorry the video is blurry...technical difficulties!)  

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Schedulin' Sunday: Spiders, Bats And Addition

Happy Schedulin' Sunday!!!   It's bats and spiders and addition, oh my!  

As always you download my weekly lesson plans by clicking on the images below!

This week we're continuing our study of spiders!   Week 2 of spiders means tree maps...spider writing and spider drawings!

We will also squeeze in some learning about bats! 

We're also continuing our Word Family BOOTCAMP!  After the first week, I am so excited to see my students taking our ABC BOOTCAMP knowledge of letters and sounds and applying it to word families and reading!!!  

This week is -am and -an!

We make a circle map for each word family and on day 2 we build the words in the pocket chart!  

For writer's workshop we'll continue using words and pictures to tell a story.  This week we're also working on labels and using labels in our classroom.  We kick off by labeling the classroom and the teacher!

Click on the picture to see my blog post and a video about this lesson!

In math, we're kicking off addition.  Yes, we start addition in the first 9 weeks of school.  Yes it's early.  Yes it works.  We actually work on addition all year long.  So we introduce it the first 9 weeks as a very concrete idea:  add means put together.  We use our fingers and manipulatives to practice counting and putting together!     And since we're learning about spiders and bats, I have some super fun activities planned for addition....stay tuned!

We're also going on our first field trip of the year to the farm!   We all get a pumpkin so we get to make our pumpkin flower pots!  This is one of my favorite activities all year!   There's nothing better than watching the kids get their hands in their pumpkins and get all gooey!

Our snack this week is an Oreo bat!

As always, some freebies for ya!

And here are the resources we're using this week:

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