Thursday, April 24, 2014

A Kindergarten Smorgasboard Author Visit!

It's THRILLING THURSDAY here at the Kindergarten Smorgasboard World Headquarters.  People, we had our very first official celebrity guest in the house.  True story.  Sunday night, my friend and yours, Debbie Clement, arrived for a 2 night stay here at HQ.  Why you ask?  Well, the Music Lady was in Music City to perform at two schools.  People, a celebrity.  In the house.

If you don't know Debbie, she is a phenomenal singer, songwriter and author.  Seriously.  She has 3 books, 6 CDs and over 100 songs.  Yeah.  If you don't know her, find her and learn about her.  She has an amazing blog at Rainbows Within Reach where she shares amazing art projects, ideas, bulletin boards and so much more.  It's a super cool website because she shares all of these amazing visuals from her travels so that blog is crammed full of great ideas.

Debbie visited my school on Monday.  So cool.  She rode to work with me.  We made my usual Sonic stop together.  She spent the day roaming the school and visiting and singing with classes.  And what did my school have to say about her???  Well, of course they were blown away.  She was a HUGE hit!

The Music Lady put on an hour long show for our PreK-1st graders.  I're thinking an hour is crazy long for the little ones.  Debbie is so engaging that the hour flew by and the students were enthralled.  They were involved, excited, dancing, signing and just plain having a blast.   But get this...Music Lady is so in control, that when she's ready to talk and needs their attention????  They are so with her.  She has such an amazing way with kids.  Seriously.  Child Whisperer.

After the program, Music Lady visited my room to sing and dance with the 'staches.  And of course, we made our own music videos!  hehe

And when The Music Lady visits, you have to make crazy faces!

And of course, when a celebrity visits, you must make a hat!

I am seriously blessed to be surrounded by such incredible, amazing, talented, generous people.  I heart The Music Lady!

People, this was the best day of kindergarten ever.  Seriously!  My 'staches were just beside themselves with excitement to meet the voice who sings some of our favorite songs.  Debbie is truly an amazingly talented teacher who knows how to have a good time!!!  

Seriusly, you must visit Debbie's blog and TPT shop.  She has some songs on TPT that are class favorites.  

Tall Giraffe, You're Wonderful, Monster Spray and I'm Glad I'm At School are daily requests.  They're so easy for students to learn and sing with.  They're so catchy you might even sing them in the car...the the Publix...yeah, I'm that person.    AND our music teacher is using some of these songs in our Kindergarten program.  SWEET!!!!

After the day was over, we returned to HQ to rest up for a mini blogger meet up!

We had a blast eating pizza (BTW, gluten free pizza...yucko!) and talking about teaching and blogging and technology.  We laughed, we ate, we learned...we had a blast!

Be sure to visit my friends!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A Kindergarten Smorgasboard of Math and Literacy Centers

Happy Hump Day!  Today was a big day for us!  We kicked off our end of the year countdown with the letter z.  Some of us were a little distraught to realize that after the letter A in 26 days, we have to leave Mr. Greg.  And some of us...I mean me.

I love these carrot sight words!!!!!  Perfect for spring!  Click the picture to snag your freebie and read more about the activity!

Ball Pit subtraction is a hit.  We did this fun subtraction activity as a whole group activity last week and now it's a center!  And it's a hit.  They're so engaged they don't even know they're subtracting.  I'm sneaky like that..
Click the picture to get a free recording sheet!

This is the best app ever!  You touch a square and the square reveals a number!  I created the recording sheet.  Find the number and color.  This app also has addition, subtraction, pictures and patterns!  And it's FREE!  It's called Counting Board!
Click the picture to get your recording sheet.

Fuzzy Subtraction!  We love these little guys!  Head over to the freebies page to get your set of fuzzy subtraction puzzles!

Add some sight word cards, some Scentos markers and BAM!  Instant sight word center!  And it smells good!  Click the picture go get your recording sheet!

I mean, come on, how epic is this?  $9 pool.  Reading Center.  And yes, he's reading a non-fiction book from American Reading Company.  We have a bunch of their books and my 'staches LOVE every one of them.  I guess I'm gonna have to get more of the books!  Seriously...non-fiction books and a plastic pool...

Tally marks!  QR codes.  Animals.  BAM!  Head over to the FREEBIES page to get your Jungle Animal Tally Marks FREEBIE!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A Kindergarten Smorgasboard Alphabet Countdown!

Happy Tuesday!  Who else is a little freaked out about the end of the school year???  I know...5 more Mondays and counting down to summer...but honestly, I am a little freaked out that it's almost over and I feel like we have so much to do!!!  Anyways...

I always celebrate the end of the year with an alphabet countdown!  We start with z and work our way to a.  Each day we celebrate the letter of the day with a fun art project, snack, dress up day or other crazy activity!

click the picture to download your copy of our celebrations!

A-apples-we eat apples
B-Bubbles-we go outside and blow bubbles!

C-cookie day!  Everyone brings in cookies and we chow down!
D-doughnuts-Mr. Greg brings us doughnuts!
E-Elphants-Elephant art project
F-Finger Paint and Fruit-we do finger painting and eat fruit!
G-GLITTER!  We get glitter bombed!

H-HAT DAY!  We get to wear hats!
I-Icre cream party!
J-jump rope!  We go outside and jump rope!
K-we making king crowns!
L-Luau!  We will be having a fun luau!
M-Mustaches!  We will make mustaches, wear mustaches and just have a big mustache day!
N-Noodle Newt!  We make a newt out of noodles!
O-Ostrich!  We make an ostrich!
P-picnic!  We bring a lunch and enjoy a nice picnic outside!
Q-The wedding of Q and U!

R-Rainbows!  I turn the 'staches loose with art supplies and they create rainbows!
S-Sunglasses!  We wear sunglasses!
T-Thank you!  We write thank you notes to people who have helped us learn!
U-Umbrella!  We bust out the art supplies to create umbrellas!
V-Violet-everyone wears purple
W-Western Day-A real cowboy visits and we all dress like cowboys and cowgirls
X-X-Change autographs!  
Y-Yellow-we all wear yellow!
Z-Zebras!  We make a zebra!

And that's our alphabet countdown!  If you would like a free autograph book for your class, click the picture to download yours!  I included cover pages for Pre-K-1st grade!

If you do an alphabet countdown, what ideas can you share?

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