Thursday, April 23, 2015

A Kindergarten Smorgasboard GIANT 100 CHART!

Howdy ya'll!!!   23 more days...

Today I want to share how we used our giant 100 chart to practice counting to 100....number recognition...and writing to 100!  

You see...what happened was 98% of my 'staches can count to 100 so we're working on naming and writing the numbers too!

So I whipped up a giant 100 chart.  I passed out the numbers to the staches.  I differentiated the activity by giving out different amounts of cards to different students.  If they were strong counters, I gave them more cards.  If they need a little more TLC with counting, I gave them fewer cards so they could focus on their numbers.

And then we started building! 

What I loved about this was we were counting...recognizing numbers...BUT more importantly, we worked as a team and we helped each other!   The whole class was ENGAGED and having FUN!!!   And shhh...don't tell them...they don't know this...but they were learning too.  SHHH!  BIG SECRET!   

After we finished our 100 chart, we used it to write our way to 100!  

And now, we have a fun and colorful center!

And guess what, you can have this for FREE!

Actually you can have two different versions for FREE!

Click on the pictures to go to the FREEBIES PAGE to get your freebies!

The original GIANT 100 CHART which is what you see in the picture!

And the new and improved version to 120....and this one is designed so you can print it so the columns line up in one color.  So the 1s are all the same color...the 2s are the same...etc!  

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

A Kindergarten Smorgasboard SmorgieVision: Centers Made Easy PD Session

I was blessed with the opportunity to share my love of centers with a fun group of teachers this week!   Of course, I wanted to share with everyone so I recorded my session on Centers/Workstations Made Easy!!   I hope you enjoy!   Let me know if you have questions!!!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

A Kindergarten Smorgasboard Schedulin Sunday!

It's Schedulin Sunday here at the kindergarten smorgasboard world headquarters and I'm having one of those know...end of the year kindergarten moments.  Excited for summer...but dread saying goodbye to the 'staches...excited about how much progress they've made...terrified to have to start all over next year.  You's like the kindergarten crazies.  Just ride
 the roller coaster people!!

As always, you can download my weekly plans by clicking on the pictures!

This week we're kicking off our Zoo Animal Research so Friday, we voted which animal to research.  People, I was pushing for the panda but we came down to the monkey and the turtle!  THE TURTLE!   Thankfully, we made a good choice and voted for the monkey!

AND it's hard to find informational books on monkeys.  If you have ideas please share them!

We will be using my Zoo Animal Research Creation to guide and document our monkey research and writing!

Our research kicks off with a schema map and includes tree maps, true false sorts and lots of writing!!!

Of course, we will have to make a hat to kick off our  monkey week.  You know the hat!

I found this super cute monkey hat at! 

We will also be doing some super cute monkey art!  (Again, had a hard time finding cute ideas....if you've got 'em, share 'em)!

These cuties come from A Clever Feather!   (PS  Check out that blog...the art ideas are endless....)

A paper bag monkey!  (From Craftin' Scrappin Happy!)

We're also wrapping up our work on the King Of ING!   There might be a costume involved!

In math, this week is all about measuring.  We will measure our friends.  We will order things by size.  We will estimate which of two items is heavier.  We will estimate how much objects weigh!

We will predict which of two items is the heaviest.  Then we use our balance to weigh the objects.  We circle our answers.  (CLICK THE PICTURE FOR YOUR FREE RECORDING SHEET!)

We estimate how many cubes each item will weigh, then we weigh the object and recording our findings.  (CLICK THE PICTURE FOR YOUR FREE RECORDING SHEET!)

Here is a fun assessment for measuring by size!  (CLICK FOR YOUR FREEBIE!)

And we're Measuring The Animals!


Thanks to my friend Marie at The Hands On Teacher In First for this awesome science experiement!!!!!

And...we kick off our alphabet countdown!   Sadsville.  

I am a little more excited about our countdown this year...because we did our ABC Bootcamp at the beginning of the we're ending with our ABC Countdown.  I love how the school year is being book-ended!

(Click to download our ABC Countdown!)

Monday-Z for zebra!  (Make a zebra and eat zebra cakes!)
Tuesday-Y for Yellow!  (Wear yellow!)
Wednesday-X-Xchange autographs
Thursday-W-Where The Wild Things Are (read the book and make a hat!)
Friday-V-violet (wear purple) and video day!)  (each classroom shows a different video and the kids pick what movie to watch!)

For x-change autographs, we use t-shirts from the local YMCA.  AND we sign each others autograph books!  You can download your FREE autograph book by clicking the picture!  (Includes PreK-2nd grade pages!)

And as always, a poem and emergent reader for you!!


Our activities and centers come from these creations:

Friday, April 17, 2015

A Kindergarten Smorgasboard Five For Friday

I'm a bad blogger.  I haven't been linking up with my friends at Doodlebugs Teaching like I should have.  BAD.  Greg.  BAD.  Greg.  

Well,   let's fix that!  Shall we?!

1.  I admit that sometimes I have a bit of an obsessive personality.  I mean, have you met me and my love of all things glitter and mustaches?!?!   Obsession.  It's a great cologne...and it's an ok trait if you're a teacher.

Case in point:  Test Tubes.  A while back I made sight word test tubes (glitter included!) and they were a hit.  Well, why stop there?!   How about test tube math?!?!

I love that this can be differentiated.  They can write an addition equation and be done.  

OR they can write an addition and subtraction equation.  See how that's more rigorous?!  

Good stuff!

Click the picture to get your free recording sheet!

I love activities that practice skills and help us work on our teamwork and collaboration.  Giant 100 chart?  Yes please!  We worked so well as a team to build this 100 chart!  And now, it's a center!  Or workstation.  Or in our classroom, a hippopotamus.  (You can click the picture to snag your freebie!)

I also got to present to some teachers from my area this week.  I love getting to talk to teachers and share what works for me!  It's so inspiring to be in a room full of teachers!   I mean,  for much. fun.  

(You can see the session in SMORGIEVISION on my YouTube channel!)
(Click the picture!)

And finally...this is a perfect end to the week.
I'm pretty sure he meant to write "shirt" but just the fact that I know his personality makes this so funny to me.  I can totally see (WAIT!  I've heard him yell this and multiple other dirty words this year...) him saying this home work is sh**!  

You can't make this stuff up.  And you will never convince me that there is a better job anywhere!

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