Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Going On A Letter Hunt

Ya'll know how much I love Pinterest.  (Currently I'm teaching the Mister how to use Pinterest...it's a process....slow process!)  It amazes me the creativity and intelligence of people and the ideas they come up with.  I also love that Pinterest gives us ideas that we can use in our classroom and ideas that we can adapt and make into something that fits the needs of our class.  

This is one of those ideas.  I found this letter recognition idea from Playful Learning In The Early Years and added in a book to give it a literacy tie in.   

We call it Going On A Letter Hunt!

The result:  some serious fun and learning and fine motor practice!

Start off reading the book Shiver Me Letters A Pirate ABC!  The pirates go on a treasure hunt to find the letters of the alphabet.  And as we read, every time the pirate says "R" we read it like a pirate!  "ARRRRR!"  So we are learning letters and doing an interactive read aloud!  And it's fun.  

After reading, give the students magazines.  I actually ripped pages of magazines and gave the 'staches a page each.  They had to find a letter, cut out the letter and glue it on our letter chart!

To make the letter chart I used chart paper and wrote the uppercase and lowercase letters!

The students cut out one letter at a time, say the letter to me and glue the letter on the chart!

Monday, August 22, 2016

SmorgieVision: The First Day Of School

You've been asking for videos from the first day of school and from the beginning of the year and this year I've been recording tons of videos and now that I have all release forms I can start sharing the videos!

This video is of our very first day of school.  You'll see the kids arriving and you'll see our first morning meeting.   This year I do have a student teacher so you'll see her assisting.  (Note:  This is a typical first day and typically this is what is happening with just me and no help!)

Stay tuned for more beginning of the year videos!

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Schedulin Sunday: Dinosaurs

Happy Schedulin' Sunday ya'll!

This year we decided to try something a little different with our dinosaur theme.  You see, kids love dinosaurs.  I mean, so do I, because they're so cool and fascinating.  So we decided to learn about dinosaurs early in the school year to build excitement in our kids at the start of school.  (And it means we can actually do apples when it's cool and not 99 degrees and humid...and we can do space at the end of the year!!)  So it's DINOSAUR WEEK!!!!

As always, you can download my plans for the week by clicking the images below:

For dinosaurs we will be using my Dinosaur Research Creation!   We will be making a schema map, a tree map and doing some true and false sorting.  We will even venture into some labeling this week!

I am excited to see how our first schema map turns out so early in the year!

We will learn about paleontologists and get to excavate a dinosaur dig and look for fossils!  OK... OK...we're digging chocolate chips out of a cookie!  

We will make dinosaur feet and a dinosaur hat!  (Of course a dinosaur hat!)

For more dinosaur fun, check out this post!

We are marching on through ABC BOOTCAMP!   And people, we're having a blast with our circle maps and hats!   My 'staches are growing tremendously in their letter and sound knowledge.  It's so freakin' cool to see the daily growth during BOOTCAMP!

This week is letters K, L, M, N and O.

Circle maps.  Handwriting.  Silly hats!
Koala and keys, ladybug, martians and mustaches, noodles and otters!

In math, we're soldiering on with number bootcamp!   We're getting great at number recognition and counting!   This week we venture into the teen numbers!!

We will be working with ten frames this week to count to 20!  

We're going to read the book How To Dinosaurs Count To Ten!

We use ten frame cards and math manipulatives to practice our one to one correspondence!  The ten frames really help with one to one correspondence because of the boxes and the 'staches are engaged because they get to choose their counters!

Here's a fun dinosaur ten frame card freebie for ya!  It has a ten frame card for counting to 10 and a ten frame card for counting to 20!  

Click to get your freebie!

And of course a dinosaur snack for Foodie Fun Friday:

Grapes=dino eggs
Pretzels=dino bones
Whoppers/raisins=dino poop
Bugles=dino claws

click the image to get your free dino snack labels!

And of course an emergent reader and poem for the week:

And a roll and color freebie!

Here are some of our favorite dinosaur books:

We will be using these resources this week:

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