Monday, November 23, 2015

A Kindergarten Smorgasboard SmorgieVision: Get Off My Boat!

It's time for another SmorgieVision video!  

(This one is a bit blurry...sorry about that!  And I have the GoPro strapped to my chest...stay tuned for that fun video!)

We've been working on subtraction and after our 5 little monkeys lesson, we play a little game called GET OFF MY BOAT!   

This game is great because it really helps the 'staches grasp the concept of taking away and making less!  (and it's close to Thanksgiving so our boat is the Mayflower!)

You need to make a boat on your floor.

I make a simple trapezoid boat out of masking tape.  EASY PEASY!  

As you see in the video, I get some people on my boat.  We count them.  I write the number.  Then I make some people get off my boat and we solve the equation!

At the end of the video I let some of the 'staches have turns being in charge of the boat!

Great subtraction lesson that incorporates the students and movement and total physical response as well as working with the equations and number sentences.

And let's be for's fun telling them to get off the boat!!!!   #teacherfun

And if you want a fun Christmas letters and sounds freebie, head over to The Kindergarten Smorgasboard Facebook page and download this fun little freebie!

(One on the FB page, click the freebies tab at the top!)

Sunday, November 22, 2015

A Kindergarten Smorgasboard Schedulin Sunday

Mr. Greg will not throw shade at the people who have this whole week of.  Mr. Greg will not.  He will not.  (And lets remember that Mr. Greg had a full week off in October...)

But Mr. Greg will share some super fun ideas for those of us who GET to teach for 2 or even 3 days this week!

We read Todd Parr's Thankful book and talk about all of the things we are Thankful for!

Then we will do a lesson on Wants and Needs and talk about what we NEED!

(My Thanksgiving Research creation is 25% off this week!)

Monday we spend some time sharing and writing about why we're thankful!

"...for dancing because it keeps my love of people!"
" because I don't want to die..."
"...Mr. Greg because he is the best teacher..."
"...legos to build stuff..."

We will also make our silly turkeys!

Thanks to Mrs Miner's Monkey Business for the fun freebie!

We will make our annual Thanksgiving placemats!

I borrow stacks of sale papers from the grocery store (Thanks Publix and Kroger!) !

The 'staches get to cut out the foods they want to eat for Thanksgiving!  We glue them on our plates with our napkins and silverware!   

Then we write about what we will eat for Thanksgiving!

I love this projects because it's such a fun way to get kids thinking about Thanksgiving dinner AND it makes a GIANT mess!!!!!   There are papers everywhere and the buzz in the room is so awesome!!!!   
(And it's free!)  Just "borrow" stacks of paper from the grocery.  Really, they don't mind at all!

We will measure Thanksgiving!   

Gobbling Up Measurement!  (25% off this week!)  

Tuesday is our annual Stone Soup day!!!  

I love the story of stone soup and how strangers work together to make something delicious!  It's a powerful lesson for my 'staches every year!   

We will read several versions of Stone Soup and make a chart comparing the different versions!

And of course, someone special always gets the stone which becomes a milestone in our class!
(I always pick the student who has worked the hardest and come the farthest in some way....not always academics!)

And of course, we HAVE to make a turkey hat.  It's a requirement.

Thanks to my friend Tiffany at Time 4 Kindergarten for the awesome turkey hat freebie!

Check out these fun creations for the holidays!

(These are new or have been updated this week!)

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

A Kindergarten Smorgasboard SmorgieVision: Monkey Subtraction

It's SmorgieVision time!!!!!   

Today I'm showing you how we use a favorite children's book to introduce the concept of subtraction!

We read the story Five Little Monkeys Jumping On The Bed and talk about taking away!

We act out the story!

Then we use our coconut tree and practice taking away the monkeys!

We make our monkey subtraction anchor chart as we practice our subtraction! 

(Um, don't judge my amazing artisitic abilities to draw mustache monkeys! hehe)

And yes, Mr. Greg dresses as a monkey.  Because you can't do five little monkeys if you're not a monkey!

Thanks to my friend Susanna at Whimsy Workshop for the amazing mustache monkey clip art!

Here's a fun monkey subtraction freebie for ya!

Sunday, November 15, 2015

A Kindergarten Smorgasboard Turkey Trot Ideas

I am super pumped to be joining my friends from The ELEMENTARY Chalkboard for this fun Turkey Trot!  

It's a 3 course meal for you!

You get a freebie, and idea and a recipe!

Spin a letter!  Spin a sound!  Spin a turkey!

This freebie gives students a glittery good time learning letters and sounds!

People, teaching is hard.  Teaching is time consuming.  Teaching is stressful.

Teaching is THE BEST JOB EVER!!!!!!!

But we need to find ways to make our lives thing that I've done this year that means I get a few more minutes of sleep each day (hello, I ain't getting any younger...I need my beauty sleep...) is make my charts for the week on Sunday!

After I make the charts, I roll them up and put a rubber band around them and IMMEDIATELY put them in the car.  (TRUST ME!  They don't do any good if they're at home on Monday morning....TRUST ME!)

This is one of my most favorite desserts ever.   EVER.

You see, I've been known to mix up a box of cake mix.  And eat it.  All.  

That leads to a very unhappy stomach.  But then I found this recipe...and well, I can have my cake batter anytime!

You need:

8 oz cool whip
1 box cake mix
1 lb of plain yogurt
animal crackers/vanilla wafers

Mix all 3 ingredients together.  Chill.



And check out my friend  

A Kindergarten Smorgasboard Schedulin Sunday!

Happy Sunday people!  It's Schedulin Sunday here at the KS world headquarters!   

We're down to a week and two days before turkey break, so why not celebrate turkey week?!  

(And let's all appreciate the fact that we're turkeys!)

As always, here our my lesson plans for ya!  Just click the picture to download your freebie!

Here are some books that we'll be reading this week!

We will be using my Thanksgiving Research Creation to learn all about turkeys!

We will label turkeys...we will write about turkeys...we will paint turkeys...we will make turkeys.  

We ain't eatin turkeys though...

Here are some of our turkey projects for the week:

I love these turkeys from Cara Carroll at The First Grade Parade.  I mean, they're silly and colorful.  And well, they're just awesome!  Maybe this year, we'll add some glitter!

I love anything that we can hang from our ceiling.  So these turkeys are perfect.  And cute!  And fun!

These sight word turkeys are one of my favorite projects all year.  I love that we can assess sight words and make something beautiful!    And I love that this project helps my 'staches understand the importance of sight words.  We are thankful for the words we can read!  

This turkey is available in my Gobble Gobble Creation! 

And now my all time most favorite project.  Ever.  Like for serious.  EVER!  

I did this my first year in kindergarten and fell in love so now we do it every year!  

It's 3 paper plates.  2 brown.  1 orange.  Cut the orange in half.

Hot glue the brown plates to a popsicle stick.

Staple on the wings.  

Add eyes, beak and a gobbler and legs!  BAM! 

And people, last year....I'm not even kidding...this project was picked by Yahoo DIY as one of their top 10 turkey project fails!!    TRUE STORY!   Yahoo called 5 year old art projects a fail!

In math, we're introducing subtraction!

I always start subtraction with the book Five Little Monkeys Jumping On The Bed!

And if you're going to read 5 little monkeys....
And if you're going to use monkeys to introduce subtraction...

Then you must be a monkey.

After reading 5 little monkeys, we practice taking away our friends.  

Then we use our Chicka Chicka Boom Boom tree and some monkeys with Velcro on the back.

Each child puts some monkeys on the tree.  Then we take some off. 

We write the equation on our monkey chart!

Click the picture to see a detailed post on this lesson!

Here is a little monkey subtraction freebie for ya!


We also play GET OFF MY BOAT! to practice subtraction!

(This is perfect for Thanksgiving and the Mayflower!)

Make a boat on the floor using tape.

Write an equation or show on the Smartboard.

The correct number of students get on the boat.  

Then you say:  "GET OFF MY BOAT!"  And the correct number get off the boat (sit back down). 

And you have the answer!

And we do some sticker subtraction for small group work and extra practice!

Click here for your freebie!

For Foodie Fun Friday, we're going to plant fish in the dirt.  Just like Squanto taught the Pilgrims to do...

Pudding...Swedish fish and oreos!

Click the picture to see more details on how we made our fish snack!

And that's our week!

Here are some freebies for ya!

Here are some of the creations we'll be using this week:


I'm linking up with my friend Deedee at Mrs. Wills Kindergarten for Peek At my Week!  Check it out for more great ideas! 

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