Sunday, September 21, 2014

A Kindergarten Smorgasboard Schedulin Sunday!

Happy Schedulin Sunday!

This week's post is gonna be short and I hope no one is disappointed!  You see, last night was my birthday party (my birthday is tomorrow, 9/22) and so we partied late into the night to celebrate my 36 years (yeah...OLD!) so I'm beat!  But I wanted to share some books and freebies with you!

This week is all about fall and leaves and scarecrows and we're introducing addition!

We will graph our favorite leaf colors.  We will label the parts of a scarecrow.  We will write about being a scarecrow.  We will paint a fall tree by squishing paint on our paper!  We will make scarecrows.  We will spin and graph leaf colors.  We will make a scarecrow snack using refied beans and chips!

This is our poem for the week!  Click to get your freebie!

Here is a free emergent reader about leaves!  

For addition, we will be focusing on the concept of "put together."  Monday will be simple introductions with fingers.  "Hold up 1 finger.  Hold up 2 more fingers.  How many do you have?"  Tuesday will be whole group fun with dice.  We will roll large foam dice and I'll draw the dice on the chart and we will count and add.   Wednesday-Thursday will be small group work with part-part whole mats.

Click to get a super fun FREE addition pack with part part whole mats, addition cards and practice pages!

Science will be testing to see what does and does not dissolve!

Foodie Fun Friday is s refied bean scarecrow.  The face is refried beans.  Tortilla chips for hair/hat.  Olives for eyes and mouth.  Lettuce for his neck.

This week's activities can be found in these creations:

And the good news?  I'm having a birthday party sale!  I put all of my creations on sale for 20% off today and tomorrow!

Friday, September 19, 2014

A Kindergarten Smorgasboard ABC BOOTCAMP FASHION SHOW!

We did it!!  We survived ABC BOOTCAMP!  And we're now letter superstars!  So how do superstars celebrate?  With a fashion show of course!

Yes people, we had an ABC Fashion Show in kindergarten and it was epic fun!  

We sent home a paper bag vest with each child.  Each bag was labeled with a letter.  It just so happens that we have 4 kindergarten classes with a total of 52 students.  That meant 2 complete sets of ABC vests!

The 'staches worked with their families to find pictures that started with their letter.  They returned the vests to school so we could walk the runway.  I loved the creativity in each vest and loved to hear the positive comments from parents and kids about the project!  

While I loved all of the vests, this one won the most creative award.  They took a picture of this little stache passed out in the car after school (Mr. Greg is EXHAUSTING people...), in his ocotopus hat n less and included it on his Z vest for ZZZZZZZs!  How stinking awesome?!

During the fashion show, the staches walked the runway.  And let me just say, RuPaul would be proud.  These little 'staches WORKED!!!!  And some of my most reserved staches had the most attitude on the runway.  People, it was epic!!!!

Each stache recieved a camouflage dog tag and certificate and a helmet!  The helmets came from the Dollar Tree!    We also dressed in camouflage for the day!

And of course, I had to get all dressed up!

I've had a ton of questions about the effectiveness of ABC BOOTCAMP!  Well, the data speaks for itself.  Today, we did a letter/sound assessment for all of the letters.  Not only did we show tremendous growth, but 11/12 scored 93% or higher!  The errors I saw were g/j errors, y/u/w errors which we will focus on in small groups!

This picture shows the growth (this was actually a week ago....) but you can see how much growth we've made!

For more on ABC BOOTCAMP, you can read my post on the details of BOOTCAMP by clicking the picture!

And I have to share my two newest creations!

My newest black line only creation!  It's all about the leaves! 

And it's included in my new FALL BUNDLE!  The fall bundle is a 25% savings over purchasing the creations separately.  300 pages of fall math and literacy centers and activities!

My birthday is Monday (September 22) and I have a huge party planned for all of my friends!  Amazing give aways from ESGI, Creative Teaching Press, a TPT Gift Card, GoNoodle and!  

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A Kindergarten Smorgasboard Of Wednesday Centers

It's HUMP DAY!  And 6 days until my birthday and I have some fun celebrations planned!  STAY TUNED

Wednesday means...Wednesday centers!  

Click the picture for a blog post detailing this activity and a freebie!!

Click the picture to get your FREE dice games for math centers or math baskets!

You can learn more about these centers by clicking on the pictures below!

Everyone was asking for the puzzle piece here ya go! 

These are from Graphics From The Pond!

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